6 Things to Consider Before Installing a Pool

Alyssa Serrao, 7/1/2019

Whether you have kids or not, sometimes it would be nice to skip the crowded community pool to relax or entertain poolside at the comfort of your own home. If frequently put to use, pools can definitely be worth the investment but there are some things to consider before installing one.

Things to Consider

1. Initial and Upkeeping Costs

Installing a pool will not be a small investment so it is important to consider all aspects to make sure the process is worth it for you. It is important to know that this investment usually does not pay itself off over time; you will continuously invest for the experience of the pool. When looking to install a pool, a lot of people solely consider the initial cost and not the price of the maintenance. Initial costs vary depending on what type of pool you want in your backyard, including fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl liner. According to River Pools and Spas, on average, most people spend $35,000-$65,000 on the initial costs of a vinyl liner pool. The upkeep of this type of pool over a ten year period is approximately $11,500. With the installation of fiberglass pools, people pay approximately $45,000-$85,000. The maintenance over a ten year period is approximately $3,750. Depending things like size and shape of the pool, people usually pay approximately $50,000-$100,000 for a concrete pool. The upkeep of the concrete pool over a ten year period on average is $27,400.

2. Gather your permits and check safety codes

In most areas, it is required that you have a building permit before doing any type of construction on your property. To make sure you are all clear to begin this process, contact your local city hall. It is key to also keep in mind safety codes for your area. For example, some places may require you to have fencing around your pool.

3. Research the impact on home insurance

Your pool will need to be added to your home insurance; you will need to know how significantly the costs will increase and what your insurance will cover (regarding the pool). Adding a pool to your insurance is not minor and your insurance payments will increase, so it may be a good time to reevaluate your current home insurance. Like with any construction project on your property, make sure that your contractors have proper building insurance; this will be in your best interest in case if you run into troubles anytime throughout the installation process.

4. The construction process

Depending on what kind of pool you want installed, the timeframe of construction can vary significantly. The installation of fiberglass pools can be installed in as little as 3-6 weeks, whereas a concrete pool can take 3-6 months to complete. While planning where the pool will be placed, make sure to keep in mind the landscaping you want in your yard. You should really plan the landscaping of your backyard at the same time as you are making designs for your pool. Keeping in mind your pool and landscaping will allow you to make sure there is enough space for everything you want in your dream backyard.

5. filters

An aspect of the pool you really do not want to skimp out on is the filter. A quality filter will ensure that your pool is being cleaned efficiently and can prevent many problems in the future. I would recommend researching and looking around at different filters, costs and pros and cons, to ensure you find the best one for you and your pool. If you want to take extra precautions, check out the warranties.

6. Pool maintenance

Pools require regular cleaning and maintenance, it is not just a “once and done” type project. A pool owner needs to regularly skim the pool to get rid of any debris that blows into the water. If you are not using the pool certain seasons or it is going unused for a while, consider buying a pool cover to minimize debris buildup. Even with pool covers, you will still need to tend to your pool. It is also key that you set up a vacuum for your pool and then vacuum it regularly for at least 30 minutes. You will need to keep track and adjust chemicals in your pool to ensure sanitation and safety. Remember that filters need to be cleaned as well so they can continue to efficiently do their job.


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