7 Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Alyssa Serrao, 9/9/2019

The buying and selling process of your home can be an extremely stressful life event. Whatever stressors you may be dealing with, MüvzU wants to make sure packing is not one of them. You built a home within those walls and are now ready to begin a new chapter of your life; we are so excited for you and want to make it as enjoyable as it can be!

1. Get rid of things

When packing for a move, you need to be very conscious of what you are packing up with you. You don’t want your new place filled with the clutter of your old home. Think of your move as a time to really go through your possessions and to only keep the necessities. Clean out your closet, leave behind rusty kitchenware, and throw away all the acquired junk. Just because you don’t need all these things anymore doesn’t mean that it is all trash. Find a local charity you support and drop off usable items there! You can also make money to pocket if you want to sell some items, like furniture or specialty items.

2. Sort your stuff and label it

The worst feeling is not knowing where a specific item is in a sea of moving boxes. Even on short notice, make sure you are sorting your boxes in a way that makes sense to you, whether it is room-by-room or by categories. However you want to sort your things, label each box. It is a simple act that can help you avoid a lot of frustration while getting settled into your new home.

3. Do not procrastinate

This may be an obvious tip but do not procrastinate on packing. It is recommended to start the moving process begins six to eight weeks before your move. You don’t necessarily have to put all your things in boxes yet, but definitely begin cleaning out your home and making a plan to efficiently tackle your move.

4. Select your moving company and Confirm the Moving Date

A moving company can heavily influence your moving experience. Make sure you are researching different companies to see what the best fit for you is! Make sure to read the company’s list of services and the fine print of their contract. Some companies may not lift over-sized, corrosive, or un-boxed items for you. It is best to hire movers at least a month in advance. Movers are most busy on the weekends so if your schedule allows it, try to plan for a weekday! This also may help lower the price of the service. Specializing in the moving process, MüvzU can help you find the best moving company for you!

5. Hire a Babysitter

To really focus on packing, you may want to look into hiring a babysitter for a couple of hours. Compartmentalizing and going through each room in a house can be a daunting task. It can require your full attention and hiring a babysitter could help you get it done faster.

6. Know what you can’t put on a moving truck

You may not know this, but there is a list of things that you cannot put on a moving truck. Make sure you know what is on the list to avoid any complications. Things included on that list are:

-paint cans


-nail polish remover

-cleansers containing bleach or ammonia

Find the whole list here.

7. Don’t pack everything

Most of your things are in boxes but there are some items that you will want to hand-deliver to your new home. You will want to personally take over legal documents, jewelry, special mementos, and other valuables. Also, make sure you pack a bag with all the things you will be needing within the next couple of days. This bag would include toiletries, clothes, shoes, and any other things you will need without having to unpack all the boxes.

Are you ready to get settled into your new home? MüvzU wants to help and will make moving as stress-free as possible for you! Search anything from “Movers and Truck Rentals” to “Storage Unit Facilities” near you to get in touch with someone fitting for the job. The goal of MüvzU is to connect people to local and trusted home service professionals in the most convenient way. Without giving out your personal information, MüvzU makes searching for professionals in your area painless. Happy shopping!