9 Things Every New Homeowner Should Install

Mandy Lee, 8/1/2019

When you buy your first home, it’s easy to get very excited about the idea of living there. However, there are a few things that you should consider installing in your new property in order to make it more comfortable. Changing the décor and replacing some old appliances can really give your home that homely personal touch. The following are things that you might need to change before settling into your home. This includes several tactics to cut down your future energy bills and personalized installations that just make your spaces feel like your own. 

9 Things Every New Homeowner Should Install

1. Air Duct Sealing

When you’re looking at purchasing a home, always ask about the air duct quality. Healthy air ducts mean you’re spending less money on energy bills while dust inside the house is being mitigated. If your ducts need an upgrade, then it’s time to consider DIY duct sealing or a professional solution. Sealing the duct can help with some major issues like a room getting too cold during winter and too hot during summer. It can also improve the AQI and home comfort while reducing energy bills. 

2. A Working Thermostat

Install a programmable smart thermostat that will help you save on energy. These are becoming more and more affordable and energy bills can pile up if you want to keep your home at a specific temperature. A programmable thermostat helps regulate the temperature when you are out at work or on vacation. They’ll even turn off or on based on your proximity to the house. You don't have to incur high energy bills to keep your home warm during winter when you aren’t around anymore.

3. Replace The Air Filters

You shouldn’t assume that your new home will have new air filters. Always replace and install new air filters whenever moving into a new space. You will want your home to have clean air free from dust and pollen all the time, especially if you suffer from allergies. Old and dirty air filters don't remove all the dust in the air, and this can stifle incoming fresh air.

4. Custom Countertops

One of the best ways to customize your new place is with an open kitchen design and new countertops. Quartz is a great option for this. It’s a long-lasting material that doesn't corrode or rust. When you get into a new home, you should really consider installing quartz countertops. This will upgrade the appearance of your favorite areas of the home and make it look stylish, unique, and personalized. 

5. Synthetic Roofing Shakes

If you love the look of natural roofing material on your home, then a synthetic roofing shake is an excellent long-term investment. Not only do synthetic shakes save on the cost to replace roof shingles, they give your home a totally natural look. Moreover, these synthetic roofing shakes require (almost) zero maintenance and are built to last. 

6. An Insulated Water Heater

New water heater models are insulated as compared to older models; this allows them to conserve the heat better. If your water heater is old, you will eventually want to replace it and get a newer model. If it's functioning well, you can always use a temporary solution: wrap an insulating blanket around it to reduce the loss of heat.

7. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans really come in handy in the hot summer seasons. You should consider installing ceiling fans in every room of the house except the bathroom, of course. This will ensure that your house stays cool during the summer season. Ceiling fans keep the house at a comfortable temperature without building up energy bills. They are a great investment and will make your weekend afternoons much more comfortable.

8. Window And Door Seals

First things first, go walk the house and ensure that all the windows and doors aren’t letting in any air. A slight draft in winter months can change the temperature dramatically, and this can make the whole home cooler. Ensure that all the windows and doors are properly sealed and no cold air is getting in. These draft can increase your energy bill as you will have to constantly pump out warm air unknowingly.

9. Change The Locks

Most homeowners forget to change the house locks. This should be one of the first things that you do when you purchase a new property. Ensure that the old locks are changed and get a set of new keys. Often times, you never know who the previous owner was or what relationships that person had. For your safety and that of your family, ensure that the locks are properly changed.

Being a new homeowner is exciting. The idea of owning your place gets the adrenaline rushing. When you buy a house, you will want it to feel like a home, so install some things to make it comfortable, safe, and friendlier on your wallet.