How to Quickly Sell Your Home in Any Market

Alyssa Serrao, 7/6/2019

Selling your home will be a breeze with these tips to get your home off the market. Make sure to check out MüvzU to help follow through with these suggestions!


Home-Selling Tips That Don’t Require Spending Money

1. Deep clean, declutter, and rearrange

You must deep clean your home in order to sell your home quickly. If you are unable to clean your home yourself, you can hire a deep cleaning company to help you. One of the first things potential home buyers will notice is the cleanliness or uncleanliness of your home and nothing turns buyers away faster than a filthy house. Make sure to clean trouble areas you may not get to often, like fireplaces, cabinets, and any surface area collecting dust. Clutter can also prevent home buyers from seeing the beauty in your home. Simplicity is key and an excessive amount of knick-knacks or personal items can make your home seem crowded, unorganized, or dirty. Once you have cleaned and decluttered, try rearranging your furniture to make your room feel more spacious. Remember to keep the rooms simple!

2. Set the table

Something as simple as setting the table can invite potential home buyers to wonder your home a little longer. Bringing out your placemats, china, and linens can be an efficient and free way to stage your home for walk-throughs. Staging is important because it is shows potential buyers a beautiful life in your home.

3. Depersonalize

It is important to take down all family portraits and other personalized items while showing your home, this includes anything political, religious, or things like children’s drawings. You want to make the house as neutral as possible to appeal to more potential buyers. People want to be able to envision their lives in your home and not feel like they are stepping into someone else’s territory.

4. Liven up your living space

People can underestimate how inviting flowers are; it is worth brightening up your home with some outdoor beauty. Flowers can bring back some sweet memories and can even spark creativity. According to sheknows, flowers can literally boost people’s moods and make them feel less worried and experience fewer periods of anxiety or sadness. A little thing like picking fresh flowers from your backyard or picking up an arranged bouquet at the store can go a long way for your selling process!


Home-Selling Tips That Are Worth The Investment

5. Do some research and find a good real estate agent

Real estate agents can be vital in the buying and selling process. Agents can help you with things like better access and knowledge of properties, negotiating, and understanding contracts. Settling for the first real estate agent that you find may not be in your best interest. Search around to find a fitting and knowledgably real estate agent; you will be spending quite a chunk of time with this person. A good real estate agent is an efficient communicator, proactive, a good listener, and is client-motivated. Also, make sure they are experienced with all aspects of your home or what you are looking for and don’t be afraid to ask for reference! Find a fitting real estate agent through MüvzU!

6. Fix up the exterior

The first thing that attracts people to buying your home is the exterior. Step outside and really pinpoint what needs improvement; real estate professionals can help you with objective tips. If you are willing, putting in extra money for things to make your home stand out will be worth it for a quicker sell and a higher asking price. People usually tend to stray away from homes that look like they are more work than they are worth.

7. Repaint

Repainting or touching up walls can do wonders in your selling process. If any of your walls are colors on the primary color wheel, I would recommend repainting them a more neutral color. People want to be able to imagine their life in your home and a neutral room is a great place to start. Repainting and touching up can really freshen up the look of your home and make it look newer.

8. Hire stagers

Homes using professional stagers sell ten times faster than un-staged homes, not to mention that they often go for 8-10 percent higher price as well. Do I need to say more? Find stagers in your area through MüvzU!

9. Photograph well

With everything accessible on the internet, good pictures are necessary for more people to show interest in your home. According to a NAR survey, 51 percent of homebuyers found the home they eventually bought online first. People may disregard your house as an option for them if your pictures are amateur or do not capture the beauty of your home. I think it is definitely worth hiring a professional photographer to capture everything your house has to offer.


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